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Haider Garh

Pin Codes of All 63 Villages, Towns & Cities Under Haider Garh

S.No Pincode Location City
1225124AnsariHaider Garh
2225416AsandraHaider Garh
3225126BaraHaider Garh
4225124BeejapurHaider Garh
5225124BhikharaHaider Garh
6225126BhilwalHaider Garh
7225414Bhitaura LakhanHaider Garh
8225120Bibipur GarhHaider Garh
9225124ChaubeesiHaider Garh
10225125ChiraiyaHaider Garh
11225416DandoopurHaider Garh
12225413DhanauraHaider Garh
13225416DharoopurHaider Garh
14225416GajpatipurHaider Garh
15225126GanehariHaider Garh
16225125GerawanHaider Garh
17225124Ghar KuiyanHaider Garh
18225124HaidergarhHaider Garh
19225126HasanpurHaider Garh
20225119InayatpurHaider Garh
21225125IslampurHaider Garh
22225125Jameen HusainabadHaider Garh
23225416JarauliHaider Garh
24225416JargawanHaider Garh
25225126JaurassHaider Garh
26225126KaboolpurHaider Garh
27225126KakariHaider Garh
28225124KamelaHaider Garh
29225124KanwanHaider Garh
30225126Khaira KankooHaider Garh
31225124KhanpurHaider Garh
32225124KharsatiyaHaider Garh
33225126KhwajapurHaider Garh
34225119Kothi (Barabanki)Haider Garh
35225124LahiHaider Garh
36225125MagauwanHaider Garh
37225413MalhauliHaider Garh
38225126ManodharpurHaider Garh
39225416MansaraHaider Garh
40225120MohabbatpurHaider Garh
41225416MotikpurHaider Garh
42225413NeochhanaHaider Garh
43225416PaigamberpurHaider Garh
44225125PaliaHaider Garh
45225126PareewanHaider Garh
46225126PokhraHaider Garh
47225416Poore ChandramanHaider Garh
48225124RatauliHaider Garh
49225124SaalpurHaider Garh
50225125Sarai GopiHaider Garh
51225124Sarai RawatHaider Garh
52225413SarsaHaider Garh
53225125SharifabadHaider Garh
54225126ShivnaamHaider Garh
55225413SidhaurHaider Garh
56225120SohawanHaider Garh
57225125SubehaHaider Garh
58225126TejwapurHaider Garh
59225124ThalwaraHaider Garh
60225126TrivediganjHaider Garh
61225413UchitaHaider Garh
62225124Umrawal KirsiaHaider Garh
63225120UsmanpurHaider Garh

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1Mahaveer Nagar
10New Siddhapudur
12Kolthige Co-Operative Milk Producers Union

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