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Ahmadabad City

Pin Codes of All 114 Villages, Towns & Cities Under Ahmadabad City

S.No Pincode Location City
1380001Ahmedabad G.P.O. Ahmadabad City
2380006Ambawadi (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
3380026AmraiwadiAhmadabad City
4380007Anandnagar (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
5380016Asarwa ChaklaAhmadabad City
6380024Asarwa Ext SouthAhmadabad City
7380015Azad SocietyAhmadabad City
8380024BapunagarAhmadabad City
9380022BehrampuraAhmadabad City
10380028Bhairavnath RoadAhmadabad City
11380054BodakdevAhmadabad City
12380022Calico MillsAhmadabad City
13380004CantonmentAhmadabad City
14380016Civil HospitalAhmadabad City
15380026Ctm Char RastaAhmadabad City
16380019D CabinAhmadabad City
17380001Dariapur (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
18380008Daxini SocietyAhmadabad City
19380004Delhi Gate (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
20382470DigvijaynagarAhmadabad City
21380001District Court (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
22380004Dudheshwar TavdipuraAhmadabad City
23380006EllisbridgeAhmadabad City
24380027Gandhi Ashram (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
25380001Gandhi Road (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
26380061GhatlodiaAhmadabad City
27380001Gheekanta RoadAhmadabad City
28380050Ghodasar (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
29380004GirdharnagarAhmadabad City
30380022Gita Mandir RoadAhmadabad City
31380021GomtipurAhmadabad City
32380009Gujarat UniversityAhmadabad City
33382405GyaspurAhmadabad City
34380024I E BapunagarAhmadabad City
35380015I I MAhmadabad City
36382443IsanpurAhmadabad City
37380001Jamalpur (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
38380008Jawahar ChowkAhmadabad City
39380051Jivraj ParkAhmadabad City
40380015Jodhpur Char RastaAhmadabad City
41380055JuhapuraAhmadabad City
42380005Kabir ChowkAhmadabad City
43382470KaliAhmadabad City
44380001Kalupur ChaklaAhmadabad City
45382430Kathwada Maize ProductAhmadabad City
46380001KhadiaAhmadabad City
47380001Khanpur (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
48382350KhodiyarnagarAhmadabad City
49380008Khokhara MehmadabadAhmadabad City
50382345Krishnanagar (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
51382340KubernagarAhmadabad City
52382340Kubernagar B AAhmadabad City
53380008L G HospitalAhmadabad City
54380001Lal DarwajaAhmadabad City
55382330LimbadiaAhmadabad City
56380022M D MargAhmadabad City
57380004Madhupura MarketAhmadabad City
58380001Manek ChowkAhmadabad City
59380015ManekbagAhmadabad City
60380008ManinagarAhmadabad City
61382330MedraAhmadabad City
62380016MeghaningarAhmadabad City
63380052MemnagarAhmadabad City
64380001Municipal CorporationAhmadabad City
65380002N C MarketAhmadabad City
66382345N C MillsAhmadabad City
67382330Nana ChilodaAhmadabad City
68380013Naranpura VistarAhmadabad City
69380007NarayannagarAhmadabad City
70382330NarodaAhmadabad City
71382345Naroda RoadAhmadabad City
72382330Naroda S AAhmadabad City
73380013Nava VadajAhmadabad City
74380014NavjivanAhmadabad City
75380009NavrangpuraAhmadabad City
76382481NirnaynagarAhmadabad City
77382340NoblenagarAhmadabad City
78380005O N G CAhmadabad City
79382415OdhavAhmadabad City
80382415Odhav Industrial EstateAhmadabad City
81380007Paldi (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
82380015Polytechnic (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
83380016Public Office (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
84380001RaikhadAhmadabad City
85380019Railway Colony (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
86380002RailwaypuraAhmadabad City
87380001Raipur (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
88380021Rajpur GomtipurAhmadabad City
89380023RakhialAhmadabad City
90380023Rakhial Udyog VistarAhmadabad City
91382480RanipAhmadabad City
92380002RevdibazarAhmadabad City
93380015S A CAhmadabad City
94380008S A MillsAhmadabad City
95380005SabarmatiAhmadabad City
96382405SaijpurAhmadabad City
97382345Saijpur BoghaAhmadabad City
98380018SaraspurAhmadabad City
99382475SardarnagarAhmadabad City
100380007Sarkhej RoadAhmadabad City
101380028Shah Alam RozaAhmadabad City
102380004ShahibagAhmadabad City
103380004Shahpur (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
104382405ShahwadiAhmadabad City
105380007ShardanagarAhmadabad City
106380013Shastrinagar (Ahmedabad)Ahmadabad City
107380063Sola H B CAhmadabad City
108380013Stadium MargAhmadabad City
109380004Sub ForeignAhmadabad City
110380023SukhrampuraAhmadabad City
111382350T B NagarAhmadabad City
112380054Thaltej RoadAhmadabad City
113380013VadajAhmadabad City
114380008VasisthnagarAhmadabad City

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