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Aurad (b)

Pin Codes of All 55 Villages, Towns & Cities Under Aurad (b)

S.No Pincode Location City
1585326Aurad (B)Aurad (b)
2585326BadalgaonAurad (b)
3585436Balat (K)Aurad (b)
4585326BawalgaonAurad (b)
5585436BedkundaAurad (b)
6585443Belkoni (M)Aurad (b)
7585326BhandarkumtaAurad (b)
8585417ChandeshwarAurad (b)
9585443ChandoriAurad (b)
10585421Chikli (J)Aurad (b)
11585326Chikli (U)Aurad (b)
12585443ChimegaonAurad (b)
13585326ChordapkaAurad (b)
14585421Dhupat MahagaonAurad (b)
15585417DiggiAurad (b)
16585417Dongam (M)Aurad (b)
17585326EkambaAurad (b)
18585326Hangarga(B)Aurad (b)
19585436HedgapurAurad (b)
20585326HokaranaAurad (b)
21585417HolsamunderAurad (b)
22585421JamgiAurad (b)
23585421JojanaAurad (b)
24585417KalgapurAurad (b)
25585417KamalnagarAurad (b)
26585443KarkyalAurad (b)
27585421KawadgaonAurad (b)
28585417KhatgaonAurad (b)
29585326Kollur (A)Aurad (b)
30585443KorekalAurad (b)
31585417KotgyalAurad (b)
32585421Kushnoor GadiAurad (b)
33585421Ladha (A)Aurad (b)
34585417MadnoorAurad (b)
35585436MaskalAurad (b)
36585421MedpalliAurad (b)
37585443Mudhol (B)Aurad (b)
38585326MugnalAurad (b)
39585417MurkiAurad (b)
40585326NagmarpalliAurad (b)
41585326Nandi BijalgaonAurad (b)
42585326RaipalliAurad (b)
43585417SangamAurad (b)
44585421SanthpurAurad (b)
45585417SawaliAurad (b)
46585326SawargaonAurad (b)
47585421ShembelliAurad (b)
48585417SonalaAurad (b)
49585326SundalAurad (b)
50585421SurhalliAurad (b)
51585436Thanna KushnoorAurad (b)
52585443TornaAurad (b)
53585421UjaniAurad (b)
54585421Wadgaon (D)Aurad (b)
55585326YengundaAurad (b)

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Now explore Aurad (b) city pin codes directory. Inside Aurad (b), Bidar pin code database, you can explore all 55 villages and towns post offices and their pin code under Aurad (b), Bidar, Karnataka, India. You can easily search your city pincode and other information about your city by using our quick Pin Code Locator Tool.

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1Mahaveer Nagar
10New Siddhapudur
12Kolthige Co-Operative Milk Producers Union

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